Bachelor Of Fine Arts (BFA), Photography And Media:
California Institute Of The Arts, 2005

Director of Photography


HDDT: “Night Market” (Feature Doc, UCLA) 2016
Skittles: “Connect the Rainbow” (Case Film, Pet Gorilla) 2016
USC/Fisher: “20/20 Accelerando” (Performance Film) 2016
EMPAC: “Mt.Rush” 2016
Mondolez: “pass The Love” 2015 (commercial)
Redbull: “Sound Select” 2015 (Industrial Promo)
Pepsi: “Strange Things Happen In The Dessert” 2015 (commercial)
“TNT” (Trials and Tribulations) 2015 (short)
“The Pretender” 2014 (short)



Mc Donalds: “Take an Order Like a Boss, Surprise Rap” 2015 (commercial)
Mc Donalds:”Drive Through Minion Prank” 2015 (commercial)
Mondolez: “pass The Love” 2015 (commercial)
Snickers: “Old Rahat Young Rahat” 2015 (commercial)
Magic of Rahat “Hover Board” 2015 (youtube Channel)
Pepsi: “Strange Things Happen In The Dessert” 2015 (commercial)
“TNT” (Trials and Tribulations) 2014 (short)


“Don’t Go Back To Sleep” 2014 (feature)
Making Waves” 2013 (reality)
“Rebel Dabble Babble” 2012 (feature)
“Rachel Zoe Proj.” B-Cam (Reality) 2011
Universal City” 2010 (short)


2nd “Without Prejudice” (Sony Music UK) 2016
2nd “Tour Stories” (Web Series, Buzzfeed) 2106
2nd “Vikes” (Feature) 2016
2nd “untitled” (Dima Milan Music video) 2016
2nd “Gluco & Lennon” (Pilot, Amazon Studios) 2016
2nd “White Flight” (web Series, Comedy Central) 2015
2nd “Happy Breakup” (Music Video)2015
1st “Gabriels Horn” (Feature) 2015
2nd “Western Religion” (Feature) 2015
2nd “My 2 Black Girlfriends” 2014
2nd “Full Burn” 2014 (Documentary short)
2nd “A Clean House” 2011 (short)